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Meet the Super Pups


Shiba - the new pup in town


Hi, I'm Shiba!

I was born in April 2015 in Sydney. I’m a black puppy just like my mum Dee Dee and I have six brothers and sisters who are also learning how to be super puppies!

I love going for walks around the streets of Sydney.



Coco - perfecting the puppy eyes


My name is Coco and I'm Shiba's sister. I am learning “sit” and “down” and love meeting other people and dogs. 

I really enjoy playing with (and sometimes nibbling) leaves that crunch under my little paws. I'm being raised in sunny Queensland.



Pact - making a pawesome start

Pact here - I am the newest addition to the gang at the National Training School. 

I am learning all sorts of new skills and have just mastered the travellator, which can be very tricky!

I love cats, car rides and swimming in the sea.



Lucky - growing up fast

After spending a year in the Gold Coast, I am about to embark on a new adventure and start puppy school in Sydney.

Here I will learn all the advanced skills needed to become an Assistance Dog, and help someone in need. 

I can't wait, I absolutely love learning new things!